Robotech: The Complete Series arrives on DVD

One the first and some would say finest Anime’s ever to be produced is coming to DVD on November 14th.

I have only see a few of these, and loved them, but it is clear how influential this show was. No anime fan would be without this in their collection.

An action packed sci-fi anime epic, Robotech needs no introduction. One of the first Anime imports and widely considered a landmark in the history of Anime, it paved the way for Blockbuster

phenomenon such as Pokemon, Dragon Ball-Z and Avatar-The Last Airbender. Often referred to as a ‘A Space Opera’, Go Entertain is proud to be bringingRobotech back to its fans.


  • ·         Robotech: The Complete Series features all 85 episodes of this Anime classic in one collector’s edition box set.
  • ·         Over 10 hours of bonus material including a brand new documentary on creator Carl Macek.
  • ·         Special features including deleted scenes, comic book gallery and alternate/extended endings.

SOURCE: Go Entertain

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