Sanctuary’s Agam Darshi and Jonathan Young to Appear at MCM Expo

With the MCM Expo fast approaching the team behind the scenes are adding more guests to the roster and next on the list if popular show Sanctuary, which is about to start it’s fourth Season. Two of the stars of the show will be coming to the Expo to talk about all things Sanctuary.

Sci-Fi Stars Seek Sanctuary at London Comic Con

What manner of weird creatures lurk unseen in the forgotten corners of the world? Well, if anyone knows, SANCTUARY’s Agam Darshi and Jonathan Young should – and the stars of the hit Canadian sci-fi show will be spilling the beans at MCM Expo London Comic Con on 28-30 October.

SANCTUARY centres on a mysterious group of the same name dedicated to studying and protecting the strange and often terrifying creatures that secretly live amongst us. The Sanctuary’s work often pits it against The Cabal, a powerful shadow organisation that experiments on these so-called ‘monsters’.

Agam Darshi plays main cast member Kate Freelander, a street smart thief who reluctantly switches sides to the Sanctuary. Agam has also appeared in STARGATE ATLANTIS, KYLE XY, SUPERNATURAL and WATCHMEN.

Jonathan Young plays fan favourite Nikola Tesla, a member of The Five – a group of brilliant experimental scientists – with the power to control electricity. Other shows he has appeared in include EUREKA and STARGATE ATLANTIS.

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