Sarah Jane is back and this time she’s got clowns

Sarah Jane is back in Season 2 of her hit show on Children’s BBC.  I loved this show the first time round and as far as a kids show goes, this, apart from a lacklustre pilot, didn’t put a foot wrong.  So I’m pretty glad it’s back. The show’s format is basically six 2 eipsode stories.

A Dr Who favourite is back as the first story is entitled The Last Sontaran.  The 2nd storyline promises to be truly chilling, why?  Because it’s about everyones favourite nightmare….clowns.  I’m sorry but a story entitled Day of The Clown has already got shivers going up and down my spine.

There is also a new companion in the mix, check it all out in the Season 2 trailer right here

Sarah Jane Adventures is on BBC1 at 4:35pm starting Monday September 29th

GS Reporter: Monts

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