Say it ain’t so, KITT!

It probably ain’t so.

Apparently, allegedly, a model of the Ford Mustang used in the new Knight Rider series was “stolen” by some dude just casually walking by. He says “oh, cool” and brazenly drives off at top speed while people behind the barriers are stunned at what just happened. The (alleged) amateur camera guy then runs off to the people hosting the event and ask “What happened?” You know what happened! You just filmed it, you dolt! I’m never one of these internet jerks who calls everything fake, but this HAS to be fake. A cute publicity stunt, but not even the WWE has pulled such a lame stunt on camera.

Source: ‘Stang planet

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One comment

  1. KITT must not have recognized the owner. The original KITT could not mistake all that chest hair pushing out of Michaels shirt. The new guy isn’t so bushy….

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