SCANNERS the TV series!

For all you fans of the Scanners horror film here is news that will either have you punching a fist in the air or kneeling before ZOD saying why…

However do not despair as it seems that the studio is going for a Walking Dead vibe. I saw the first film but not the sequels and I can see where this has potential.

Dimension was not involved in the original 1981 Scanners film or its sequels, but acquired the rights to the franchise in a development deal several years ago. The original plan was to mount a theatrical remake, with David Goyer tapped to write two drafts, and Rene Malo, Clark Peterson and Pierre David signed as producers. But with the recent resurgence of genre TV dramas like AMC’s monster hit The Walking Dead, Dimension started also considering a small-screen adaptation. According to insiders, it was Dimension principal Bob Weinstein and Aja who conceived of the plan to transform the Scanners property into a TV show. Malo, Peterson and David remain attached as executive producers on the series, while Goyer is no longer involved. Dimension is already in talks with potential showrunners to create and run the series.

What say you Scanner fans? Read the rest of the article here.

SOURCE: Deadline

GS Reporter: Montoya

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