SciFi Channel revisits Alien Nation

Alien Nation to return to our TV sets thanks to the SciFi Cahnnel, probably not with these guys

Alien Nation to return to our TV sets thanks to the SciFi Channel, probably not with these guys

It’s been over twenty years since the Alien Nation movie hit our cinema screens and over 10 years since the last remnents of the TV show that spun out of the film put the story to bed, but you can’t keep a good franchise down as SciFi channel have announced their intention to revive the concept in the form of a new TV show.  Tim Minear whose name you may recognise from his work on Firefly, Angel and X-Files will be heading up the show which is due to be ready to air in 2010.

The original 1988 movie focused on two police officers, one of whom was a ‘newcomer’; an alien race that crash landed on earth and integrated themselves into our society.  The TV show that followed was very much in the same vein and dealt wth the everyday struggles of acceptance that the newcomers faced.

The new show will be based further into the future after the intial alien crash when the newcomer population has boomed and they have formed their own segregated communities .  The original series was a clear allergory for racism and the show seems to be sticking to this theme with Tim Minear comparing these Newcomer communities to the ‘North African ghettos in France’.

SciFi are looking for more grounded science fiction as part of their whole renbranding to SyFy (why?!) and this reworking of an old TV show is the latest in a long line of remake ideas that started with Battlestar Galactica (BSG).  Lets just hope this one is closer to BSG in it’s style and approach rather than The Bionic Woman or Knight Rider.

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Source: Variety

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