Sherlock gets a second series!

According to the Guardian website that is

Sherlock, BBC1’s Sunday night drama that has drawn both big audiences and critical acclaim, will be returning for a second series, the show’s producer confirmed today.

Sue Vertue told BBC1’s Breakfast programme that a meeting was planned with BBC executives to discuss production plans for the second series. “There will be more. We’re having a meeting to talk about how many and when really,” she said.

The updated tales of the consulting detective, created by Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat and writer and actor Mark Gatiss, have been a huge success for the BBC – with fans clamouring for more episodes on blog and online forums as soon as Sunday’s final episode concluded.

“Steven and Mark are very busy – Steven is obviously doing Doctor Who as well – so it’s just when we’re going to do them,” said Vertue. She also said that the episodes will remain at 90 minutes long.

I loved this new modern take on Sherlock so I’m happy see more episodes of this fantastic show.

Source: The Guardian

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  1. SnazzyO /

    Woot! Thanks for the info. I’m over the moon about this series. It’s meaty, fun, and an excellent (IMO) adaptation of a modern Sherlock. I think they’ve struck gold with this.

    For the American viewing audience, I think if this is best presented as a mini-series. We’re a hungry lot and to offer up just 3 episodes (albeit 90 mins) is an odd format.

    This is going to be a loooooonnnnnnggggg drought until we get the outcome of the cliffhanger.

  2. Yes, it’s very good news. Hopefully Moffat can find some spare time away from running Doctor Who to bring us at least six new stories (rather than just the three) next year.

    If you’re interested, I have penned a review of the season just finished over at my blog – I would welcome your thoughts and comments on what has been a very promising debut!

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