Smallville Season 9 preview

Every season I tell myself  ‘no more Smallvile for me’  and somehow each season drags me kicking and screaming back to it’s Kryptonite bosom. Season nine may be no exception.

At the Smallvile panel at the San Diego Comic Con the cast and crew gave some tidbits of what fans could expect from season nine of the show.

Finally Clark gets his own costume and not the traditional one we’ve come to expect. This costume will be black with a silver chest S and black trenchcoat. I have to admit that sounds pretty badass. After all the time I’ve invested in this show I will at least make sure I watch the first episode the outfit is revealed.

I also heard that the makes will be having a series finale shot just in case the show doesn’t get picked up which is a smart move.

Zod will appear in the show as a younger version of himself called Major instead of General Zod.  He comes to earth with his own army but is still trying to become the general Zod we all know and hate.  I was  surprised to learn that he’s signed on as a series regular. To me it feels like the makers are still trying to fill the void left by the  Lex Luthor. They tried to give us a female Lex in the shape of Tess and now they’re trying to give us a Kryptoninan version of Lex. I would rather see General not Major  Zod return in an  epic five parter where he takes over the world, Superman II style, and Clark has to recruit all the heroes he’s met so far to take him down.

At the moment I’m not a fan of Zod being a series regular but I’ll see where the series goes with it (at least the episodes I decide to watch). My other worry is we could get a ‘all build up and no pay off’ finale like we got in Clark battle (if you can call it that) with Doomsday.

To finish on a positive note with the inclusion of a costume for Clark the show is definately moving towards the ‘Superman era’. I didn’t need to see Clark in the traditional Superman outfit but just any outfit is a major step forward in my book.

Now if they could just stop calling  him ‘The Red Blue Blur’ I would be a happy man.

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