SPACE:1999 to be Rebooted as SPACE:2099

So it seems that the reboot train is still rolling and the latest stop is one of my all time fave sc-fi shows Space 1999 which will soon be Space: 2099

Every Saturday morning I was glued to my TV screen waiting for the next  adventures of Commander Koenig and Moon Space Station Alpha which had been blasted out of Earth’s Orbit to roam the universe is search of intergalactic adventures.

Whenever I hear that a show I loved it being rebooted I hope and pray that it is good but at the same time I do shed a tear for the fact that there is are many other original sci-fi shows that could be made instead.  I do worry that some of team invovled were behind the V reboot which just never worked for me.

ITV Studios America and HDFilms have teamed to develop Space: 2099, a reimagining of the 1970s British sci-fi series Space: 1999created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson. HDFilms’ Jace Hall, who recently executive produced ABC’s reboot of another sci-fi franchise, the 1980s mini-series V, is executive producing the new project. – Deadline

Still I’m excited for this news as I think this could work really well, if handled right ( I gues I could say that about all reboots). Also since the end of Stargate Universe there has been a distinct lack of outer space shows on telly.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on this project as it develops but before I sign off I have a message to the team behind this project… can you please not screw around with the timeless design of the eagles please?

So what do you guys think? Who would you cast in the main roles?

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Deadline

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  1. WiseFather /

    They are remaking The Munsters now too. It has been shown that TV show remakes usually fail, so how about using just a tiny bit more creativity and try crossover remakes that would combine two or more old shows? I give a list of amusing or horrifying suggestions in a post at Enjoy.

  2. Tony /

    I have faith in Jace Hall. If you have ever seen The Jace Hall Show, you will know why! Hell, just go to youtube and search I PLAY WOW. They dudes a massive nerd, but looks like a pro athlete

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