Supernatural’s ‘Ghostfacers’ to get their own web show

If you’re an avid Supernatural fan then I’m guessing you know who the Ghostfacers are. No? ok well the Ghostfacers are obviously a send-up of all those ‘reality’ supernatural investigation shows like Most Haunted and Ghosthunters. The difference is these guys make Scooby Doo and Shaggy look like Competent Paranormal Investigators.

I didn’t mind the Ghostfacers/Supernatual episodes although I did find myself belting out the title track ‘Ghostfacers’ at various times during the day so it must have done something right.

According to Variety the Ghostfacers are getting another lease of life but this time on the web. Work has already begun on putting together on an initial run of ten episodes each, each one three minutes long.

Personally I would have love a web series set around what Bobby gets up to when he’s not helping out Sam and Dean. It could be called ‘The Bobby Journals’…..hmm maybe I should make a call or two to CW.

The Ghostfacers webseries will be aired on the and CW websites.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Variety

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