Supernatural and Smallville get another season!

Ok one of these bits of news has me giddy with excitement the other shreiking in terror. If you listen to our podcast you can probably guess which one.

I love Supernatural since the show has started it hasn’t put a foot wrong. I’m excited that’s it’s got it’s fifth season. It’s time to see if all that talk about there only being five seasons isn’t just talk. I hope the stars and creators stick to their guns on this one and don’t try to drag it out until someone needs to take it round back with a 12 gauge shotgun.


Speaking of things past their sell by date Smallville it seems has dodged the hangman’s noose yet again. Now, first off, I’ll say despite a crap beghinning I’ve actually been enjoying this current season(I know shocker) mainly because I felt it was building to a kick ass series finale and a great way to end the entire series(at last).It could finish with it’s head held high (well maybe not too high…Lana as a witch really?). Instead they’re going to wheel it out for yet another season.

I hope Smallville can continue to get better and that this trend will continue into the next season. To be honest though I would have rather they ended it and made way for another genre show (Green Arrow the series perhaps…come on he’s more fun than Clark and you know it!).

GS Source: Variety

GS Reporter: Nuge

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