Survivors Episode 5 Series 2

After the political & economic basis of the previous episode Survivors engages with the medical implications of a post-viral society. Spoilers may provide infectious, if you haven’t seen this episode you might want to quarantine this review until you have been inoculated by viewing.

This episode kicked off with an incident of highway robbery. The resulting response of what BBC iplayer is calling ‘The Family’ of regulars shows how far they have come as a team and as Survivors. One is called to doubt the lack of ‘shoot first, take stuff later’ amongst the bad’uns they encounter. That said the initial scenes are well done.

The end result is that the regulars encounter a idyllic commune of the type that the pro-slavery professor made mock off just last episode. Again the temptation of settling dangles at the edge leaving Sarah and Al to confessed their relationship (not that anyone hadn’t guessed.) Speaking of relationships Anya tendencies and Price’s feeling come into sharp conflict in this episode especially when Greg and Abby depart on a personal quest leaving the risk of Tom going off the leash. I can’t say that the resolution feels like one that will have any legs.

Speaking of Abbey and Greg’s field trip while it advanced the plot and suggested an arch involving some conspiracy regarding the infection beyond and above the lab it seemed a bit of an add on. I can see when Survivors jump through these hoops, you’ve got to have an arch but I can’t help feeling that Surviving the catastrophic depopulation of the world would be an arch in itself and if anything a conspiracy could be a little comforting suggesting personalised human evil rather than the remorseless advance of evolution. Within that plot the divorcee nature of Greg helps illuminate his anger and judgemental utilitarian nature.

The main and perhaps most interesting part of the story was Sarah blundering into an outbreak of a new infection and showing a real resolution and courage which is a natural development for the character, if unfortunately a terminal one. The actress is superb in the role and evokes a similarly high class performance from Al. The story also helped illuminate the development and closeness which has grown between the members of the team, now perhaps a family in deed if not by blood.

However being the flippant bugger I am – doesn’t anyone have a hat or a cagoule? You don’t want to catch your death when there are very few Doctors about. The return to the lab filled me with natural dread, That and ker-blunk of dialogue to
Anya “it’s opened”
Abby “something happened”

Fills me with extra horror. Add a twist that seems an unnatural jump and I suspect this episode may well be a series high point. Even if we have proper gun play on the horizion.

GS Reviewer: Andrew Clark

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