Syfy to bring us Alphas

A new pilot has been commissioned by the Syfy channel called Alphas.

The pilot, which will be 90 minutes will, centre on a team of ordinary citizens who possess hyperdeveloped neurological abilities (that’s a bit of a mouth full). One of the writers doing the script  is  Zack Penn who was behind the script for Xmen 3.

Now according to Syfy.

“What we loved about this idea is that it played into a new way of approaching the superhero genre: the idea of ordinary people who have one slightly extraordinary feature about them and are singularly not so special but together can do extraordinary things was very attractive,”

Now maybe it’s just the way the premise has been worded or that there isn’t too much information available on the project but to me it doesn’t sound particularly different from a load of other properties I’ve seen or read.

If the show is great the fact it’s not that original won’t matter to me and I’m always up for seeing more stuff from the superhero genre on TV.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Variety

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