The death of anime on Cartoon Network continues with Toonami

RIP, Toonami block, I’ll miss you. Well, as far as I see, you were dead fora while. Before Tonnami was pronounced dead at Cartoon Network, two ofย  Adult Swim’s latest anime (Moribito: Guardian of the Sacred Spirit and Code Geass) were sent to their slow painful deaths at 5:30 in the morning, where about two people or so would remember up to watch them. Now Toonami says goodbye:

(If you’re an uber otaku, you know why Tom says “Bang.” as he says goodbye.)

11 years of Toonami? Damn, I’m old. Uh, I mean, wow, Toonami’s been around a long time! I had been watching Toonami since the beginning. I was there for the whole evolution of the cartoon block’s host, Tom the robot.

This was were many young Americans like me got to encounter some of the greatest and most entertaining anime ever made, like Outlaw Star, The Big O, Gundam Wing, Cowboy Bebop, Dragonball Z, Naruto, and One Piece, just to name a few. Toonami’s Jetstream site is still up, and you can learn some fun facts about the creation and development of Toonami from the guys who brought it to life in a very special “Toonami Spotlight.” What the future holds for anime on Cartoon Network, I wish I knew.

Source: Japanator

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  1. daeyeth /

    Oooh, damn! Didn’t even know about this. Sad, sad day indeed ๐Ÿ™ I’m surprised they actually killed the block off and actually said that. Most networks would of quietly let it vanish, but CN shows how connected it is by letting Toonami get a final word out.

    And I think he says “Bang” because the voice for the robot is the same guy that played Spike and in CB, he had that line (can’t remember the exact situation, so long ago). Very fitting of him

  2. Yeah, CN is kinda bogus right now. Cancelling Toonami was there worst mistake ever. Toonami rocked. It was full of good shows.

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