The Fades are coming: Meet Mac

Here is a chance to meet another character from the new BBC Three show The Fades.

As part of our run up to the first episode of The Fades on BBC Three on the 21st September we are goining to look at all aspects of the show.

The Fades are dead people, spirits that are trapped here in our world. There is no reason why fades are chosen. Death is random and the Fades are those that are left behind. They are angry, truly angry about the randomness and the pain and suffering. They are rotting, they can’t be touched, they’re prisoners on Earth and the series is about the Fades trying to break through back into the world of the living.

This time we meet Mac played by Daniel Kaluuya (Skins, Psychoville and Johnny English Reborn). Mac is Paul’s best mate and his helping hand to try to keep a grip on reality.

He’s a hilarious geek with a heart of gold. He would socialise with Ewoks if he could. You need a mate like this when things get daaaark.

The chemistry between Mac and Paul is evident right from the start of episode one. He is the inner geek in all of us who is not afraid to talk about his passion. He compares situations in terms of his favorite books, films or even comics and it is infectious.

17-year-old Mac talks – well – most of the time. A hive of knowledge and theories, he is almost a walking encyclopedia of geeky film quotes – yes, Mac has a lot to communicate and seemingly not a lot of time. The son of a police detective under pressure, Mac would always say he’s cool with his place in the world, but the truth is – Mac doesn’t want to be this invisible person that people walk through. As Paul develops his angelic powers, so Mac will feel increasingly left out. Mac and Paul have always been a double act – and if Paul outgrows him, he’s scared he will be left nothing. He may not have any special powers, but Mac is also our hero – he’s Paul’s wingman and right at the heart of everything.

You can clearly see that Mac is going to be an important part of the show and will also bring his great sense of timing and humour to the show.

Tell us about Mac?

Daniel: Mac is this really geeky guy who is best friends with Paul. He loves comics and films and really random stuff like the Matrix and science fiction. Mac and Paul have been living in each others pockets for years, since they were kids and they really love each other. Mac loves to talk. He just goes on about his little theories and Paul is very nice and always listens.

What is an Angelic?

Daniel: This character called Neil (Johnny Harris) is the leader of the Angelics, they are this team that don’t want the Fades to come back to life and they’re in a constant battle to kill them all. But that’s a very hard battle. It’s very hard to kill them….

What do you think is the international appeal of the series?

Daniel: Despite all the supernatural elements to it, it’s quite a real story, with the characters and their relationships which is what grips you and makes it relatable.

What are the highlights from the first three episodes?

Daniel: Episode one is good because all the characters are introduced and so you get to know all of them. Paul and I go for a hunt in the shopping centre and while we’re there we stumble upon Neil (Johnny Harrris) who is battling with an unruly Fade.

If you could have a super power what would it be?

Daniel: The ability to read people’s minds, like in that film What Women Want. But, I’d want to be able to switch it off when I want so I don’t have to hear any mean stuff.

Next time we here from the writer of the show, Jack Thorne and some behind the scene pics.

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SOURCE: BBC Three, The Fades

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