The Fades Are Coming. Who is Paul?

Another teaser for The Fades

The new BBC Three supernatural drama moves ever closer to debut on the 21st September but in the mean time here is a teaser for you and also the first in our character profiles and interview of the cast.

Having see the first episode I can say that this really is the show to watch out for. Keep your eyes peeled for more teasers for the show and also a spoiler free review of the first episode coming soon.

The Fades are dead people, spirits that are trapped here in our world. There is no reason why fades are chosen. Death is random and the Fades are those that are left behind. They are angry, truly angry about the randomness and the pain and suffering. They are rotting, they can’t be touched, they’re prisoners on Earth and the series is about the Fades trying to break through back into the world of the living.



Paul: Played by Iain De Caestecker (River City, Coronation Street, James Herriot) is the young lead in the show.

Seventeen-year-old Paul has never quite worked how to fit in. Other than to Mac, he talks only when he needs to, out of certain knowledge that anything he might say would probably be under-appreciated. He’s always known he’s different and always not wanted the job. In some ways his journey through the series is the journey of someone who learns different can be great: Paul is special, it’s as simple and as complicated as that.


What is The Fades about?

Iain: The Fades are spirits of the dead walking the Earth. It happened years ago, as more and more people have died and the population grown, more and more fades started to exist. Usually dead people would ascend to another place but the Fades are people who have been left on Earth. They have no sense of touch and they can’t interact with other human beings which is a bit of a problem.

 Tell us about Paul?

Iain: Paul is best friends with Mac. Two quite geeky characters. At the start of the story he’s 17, so he’s got the normal teenage problems coupled with the fact that he’s having these weird visions. He is able to see Fades which most people aren’t.

How would you describe the series?

Iain: It’s like a horror mixed with comedy and drama. It’s got a Skins type feel to it as well.

Discuss your experience of filming. Any anecdotes?

Iain: It’s been a laugh! Johnny Harris is amazing and the girls are hot. We’re all the same age as well so we’ve been hanging out quite a lot off set and been talking to each other lots. We all went to Fabric together which was so much fun and we can look back together on really good times – team Fades!

What do you think is the international appeal of the series?

Iain: It’s important to outline why it will appeal outside the UK is because there are really great characters, great stories and just really great writing. When a foundation is those things then it translates in any language. That’s the reason I watch films like The Prophet, its one of the best films ever even though it’s in French and has subtitles. It’s great storytelling by Jack (Thorne) and that should appeal.

What are the highlights from the first three episodes?

Iain: Episode two starts with us at school and Paul’s been having terrible visions; also there’s lots of scary stuff in an orphanage which is cool. Paul ends up getting a bit further in his romantic endeavours with Jay (Sophie Wu) and we go to a party which is pretty sick.

Episode three is Mac’s birthday which he’s really excited about. Neil tells Paul that he needs to make a choice between one life and the other life and he gets into a real turmoil about this and then forgets Mac’s birthday! But he manages to make it up to him with balloons in a car park. Paul’s powers are all revealed when he manages to help Neil who has been in a fight with Polus (evil Fade). But then…

If you could have a super power what would it be?

Iain: I’d like to be able to go back in time. Take a really good book with me and then write it back in time as if it was mine.



GS Reporter: Montoya

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