TV REVIEW: The Fades – Episode 5 (Minor spoilers)

The show hits an all time here in the penultimate episode. I am still smiling from this episode because it just kicked into warp speed. The school has been turned into a crisis centre for the missing and this is where nearly all the action happens this episode.

Paul is back from the dead but is he a zombie or something else asks Mac. The answer is yes he is something else. He has grown up and stepped into his role as a powerful weapon in the war against the Fades. We see him use his powers to fatal effect and he is standing up to Neil’s rhetoric.

Paul’s sister shines in this episode with some great lines and a small sign of compassion which was inevitable but still fun to watch. Jay unfortunately has little to do here but still brings her unique style to the action. The best part was seeing Sarah finally getting her chops into some meaty scenes if you get my drift. She is actually starting to be my favourite character in the show after a slow start. I am starting to think she may not get a happy ending!

The Fades have put their plan into motion with lots of fades now physical and immortal. They have been busy rounding up the local population and the police have their hands full trying to cope. Jon and his group are pretending to be volunteers and have created a staging area in the school gym. It is here that Paul needs to rescue someone before it is too late.

This really is a BIG episode and really sets up the finale for a big showdown. Bring on the episode 6 and long live The Fades!

GS Reporter: Montoya

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