The Musketeers Series 2: ‘A Deeper and Darker vibe’ Promises Adrian Hodges

I thought the first series of The Musketeers was a show that transported me back to some of those old school swashbucklers I used to love as a kid. The cast was brilliant with bags of chemistry between them, the sets suitably lush, the soundtrack stirring and the action thrilling so I was not surprised when the show was renewed.

Yesterday I managed to squeeze a few words out of the show’s creator Adrian Hodges on what fans could expect from series 2.

“The second season is well underway. Similar tone but a deeper and darker vibe this time, with one serial story running through the series. We’ll still have a story of the week and guest stars, but I think it will feel more of a single piece and we’re picking up a lot of stories and themes we started in the first series.”

Although I enjoyed the standalone elements of the first series, which introduced us to the Musketeers and their world I think the idea of one overarching plot  will help to give the second series a nice focus.  It will also be interesting to see how the show develops now Peter Capaldi has departed for the big police box in the sky. Having Marc Warren in the mix as the dodgy Comte De Rochefort should make for some interesting times ahead for the sword and musket wielding quartet.


In the next week or so I will be sitting down with Adrian to talk about the show so if you have any question then stick them in the comments below and I may pitch some of them to Adrian.

In case you missed it you can  listen to our first interview about the show here.

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  1. Nicole /

    How did Peter Capaldi’s departure change the trajectory for season 2? It seemed like a couple of storylines had been set up in season 1 that you won’t be able to follow through on in season 2 now that the Cardinal’s dead (e.g. the fact that he suspects that the King isn’t responsible for the Queen’s pregnancy)?

  2. Lauren Michero /

    Will any of the original guest stars from season 1 reappear in season 2? Also, has Aramis stopped wearing Anne’s cross? Every new picture of him on-set seems to show him sans her cross necklace. Thanks 🙂

  3. Elodie /

    Hello ! At the end of season 1, we can see that the Cardinal suspects something is going on between Queen Anne and Aramis. Will this Damocles sword that hangs over their heads will be dealt with in season 2 ?

  4. Jamie /

    Will we see Flea again ??? And will Porthos have a new love interest ???

  5. What made you create such strong, independent females characters such as Milady and Constance? I loved how they were able to hold their own and still maintain their vulnerability when they were truly tested.

  6. Eloise /

    What can you tell us about Milady in series 2? Will her and Athos be meeting again – and does she ever have any hope of redemption?

  7. Hannah /

    There are a lot of ‘shipper fans out there so for those fans, will we see a lot of Constagnan (Constance and D’Artagnan) and Annamis (Aramis and Anne) scenes in season 2?

  8. Kelly Shand /

    Will D’artagnan continue to move forward as a Musketeer? As much as I love the romance between his character and Constance, watching him start to grow from being ‘the boy Musketeer’ to a legendry Musketeer was one of the highlights of series 1 for me. Will he get to be in the presence of King Louis a little more often in series 2 and can you tell anything about his relationship with Roachfort?

    If the show continues to be a success, do you have a certain number of series in mind already or are you taking things as they happen?

  9. Helen Gidley /

    Will Athos be able to love again?Will there still be plenty of humour?Is there any hint that there could be more series.

  10. Esme /

    Although you have said that you’re are not following book canon, are you going to keep loosely within the realms of historical canon? (Aside from Richelieu’s early demise.) Will Mazarin appear in series two?

    Can we expect Aramis to go back to being a ‘libertine’. I was comfortable with him being an ardent admirer and loyal protector of the Queen, but I’m less thrilled with the idea of a serious romance between them.

  11. sandiwich /

    One of the most popular supporting roles has to be Ryan Gage as King Louis; such a scene stealer, love him to bits! Any teasers on how he will be coping without the Cardinal to lean on, and will we be seeing any further breakdown in his marriage to Anne?

    Looking forward to the interview 🙂

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