The New Tardis is Revealed For Series 7B

New-Tardis1The BBC have been teasing us with the promise of a new TARDIS for the Doctor for the second half of series seven and the teasing stops now!

I kind of like the new look control room and the new outfit for the Doctor as he looks like he could have stepped out of H.G Wells’  Time Machine. Check out a larger image behind the cut and as always – what do you think?


Source: blogtorwho
Reporter: Nuge

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  1. joe /

    not bad but I feel the outfit is for the christmas episode only

  2. Patrick Smith /

    I really love the new look for the Tardis and The Doctor because it makes Matt Smith look like one of the original Doctors maybe a younger John Pertwee

  3. I hope he keeps this outfit for a few episodes – good point that he looks more like an old-school time traveller, and I think the looks suits him 🙂


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