Top 9 Star Wars Parodies

To celebrate the release of Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode 3 on July 4th, we have pulled together the top 9 (why is it always top 10?) Star Wars parodies on the web. From Eddie Izzards infamous Death Star canteen scene to Darth, I mean Chad’s foray into Supermarket management, Star Wars always seems ripe for spoofing.

Chad Vader – Day Shift Manager
Darth Vader’s brother Chad Vader rules his empire, the local grocery store, with an iron fist.

Empire State of Mind
Darth Vader has the Empire on his mind. And he is going to sing about it.

Eddie Izzard – Death Star Canteen
There must have been a canteen on the death star. With lego people no?

Trooper Coffee Run
3 day journey across the death star…for coffee.

Darth Vader Rap
Vader lets everyone in the galaxy know what’s up.

Thumb Wars- The Phantom Cuticle

Injured Stormtrooper
The troops become confused when a trooper is only injured, rather then dead. This has never happened before!

Robot Chicken Star Wars – Don’t Tell Vader
The council make it known that Darth Vader does not have the power to strangle.

Star Sports
After star wars came…star sports. May the sports be with you.

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  1. I find your lack of Pink 5 disturbing.

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