Torchwood Series 4 is coming!

Thanks to the guys at SFX for breaking the news over on their site.

Captain Jack himself John Barrowman confirmed on a Radio show today that the show would be returning to our screens with a full 13 episode run.  No dates have been given as yet.

“We are discussing the future of Torchwood, because most definitely Torchwood will come back to the BBC,” Barrowman told the DJ. “We’re not sure when, because we have to sort out the logistics of the filming, and it’s already been said that it will be 13 episodes rather than five.”

After the very strong second season and the epic Children of Earth I’m really glad to see this show get another series. I’m intersted though after the events of Children of Earth how they will fill some of the vacant spots on the Torchwoodteam.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: SFX

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