TRAILER: StrikeBack Series 4

strikebackStrikeback or as I like to call it Action Man the TV Series has just released a trailer for series 4. If you’re in the states it’s Strikeback series 3 apparently.

Looks like everything we love about the show is back in spades. So expect a lot of gunfire, explosions, slowmo and general badassey for the section 20 team. I think this time around I will be creating a new drinking game. I’m still working out the rough edges but so far I have…

  • Scott has sex during an episode take a drink.
  • An explosion and or fire fight during an episode take a drink.
  • A slow mo scene take a drink.
  • Every time Scott says ‘Fuck me!’ down your drink in one.
  • Scott has sex in the first five minutes of an episode take two drinks.
  • Walking away from an explosion take two drinks.


Reporter: Nuge

Source: youtube

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