Tron: The Animated Series is Coming

I dunno it’s like waiting for a bus. You wait for hours then suddenly 3 buses show up all at once. Ok now that I’m done with the bad anaologies apparently Disney have annouced that to follow TRON:LEGACY the upcoming follow up to the 80’s hit it is also bringing out an animated series.

The series will kick off at the same time of the film’s release (Decemeber 2010).

Looks like 2010 could be the year of Tron!

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Mania

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  1. Wow, first Avengers and Naruto Shippudeen, and now a Tron series? Disney XD is getting a really great action block. Now all they need is a “Race to Witch Mountain” and “Kingdom Hearts” TV series, and XD is golden.

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