True Blood Season 3 UK Premiere

If you are one of the UK Trubies who hasn’t already seen season three through ‘some other method’, then you will be happy to know that FX have released the date for the airing of True Blood’s third season. January 14th at 10pm on the FX channel.

I promise, this season is brilliant and you’d be a fool to miss it! And even if you have seen it…what is wrong with watching it some more?!



And now for the weather…Tiffany?!

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  1. audrey /

    The best news for ages have loved the first 2 series and have been really looking forward to the third series. I just wish we could get the show at the same time as the USA my american friends have been doing a wee bit of gloating and i know i could download it but i have only a lap top and enjoy watching programes with my husband. If you have not read the books they are different from the series but provide more depth to the characters.

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