TV NEWS: Howard Gordon and Josh Friedman to Create Futuristic Thriller

Writer Josh Friedman and producer Howard Gordon have teamed up for a new, currently untitled, thriller for NBC.

The thriller is set in a world not too dissimilar to our own with the main difference being that human-looking robots are now common place.  After a routine homicide explodes into the first robot-on-human murder, the lead detective must solve the case and investigate a growing robot rebellion while dealing with the impact on his own fractured family.  This will be the latest project to come out of the Gordon’s Teakwood Lane production company, known for it’s work on Awake and Homeland.

Josh Friedman, the screenwriter for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is set to pen the script for this hight-concept drama with Homeland producer Howard Gordon supervising.

Though the details are few at the moment, so far the premise sounds a little I, Robot however as this will be a TV series I think we can expect less action and more gritty character development, at least I hope so.

Do you like the premise? Or do you think this has been done before? Comment below.

GS Source: Deadline Hollywood

GS Reporter: Amy

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