TV Review – Fringe Season 2 Episode 9 ‘August’

This is perhaps my first series mythology heavy episode of Fringe. I am a little wary of these in case it goes all X-files which became a bit like ouroboros – the symbol of a snake eating its own tail. I try and keep spoilers to minimum but it’s going to be hard.

One brief aside; one missing point from my previous fringe review was mention of the performance of Jasika Nicole as Astrid Farnsworth. Unfortunately the episodes I’ve seen so far haven’t seen enough of her performance. There seems to be very little for a character to do other than ‘guys I’ve found something’ and be subject to Walter’s eccentric moments. She does that very credibly but if there is any episode when she has more to do can someone let me know.


The initial antagonist is incredibly creepy and the technology present while not Explained appears sufficiently distinctive to intrigue. Given the nature of that antagonist there will be a few Doctor Who episode references here. Well it was either

that or Uatu the watcher. There is a moment of what was ‘Midnight’ dialogue which

was well done and in context kept you guessing. Themes of predestination and significant moments in time were interesting to watch following ‘Waters of Mars.’


It was nice to see Olivia Dunham being properly explored through a work-life balance conflict giving something more for the actor to do and she does very well. In that parenthood or perhaps guardian ship is an theme throughout this episode as Walter and Peters relationship is further explored with secrets being revealed to the audience if not Peter. The shows there is a lot going on under Walter’s idiot savant shell. That theme is also involved in the main plot but there may be an element there which would trouble those who where troubled by the central relationship in‘Girl the Fireplace.’


The opposing group are enigmatic and there are some nice touches in their appearance, dialogue style and dietary habits that piqued this reviewer’s interest. It also manages to make a hitman who looks like the Bank manager from the Nationwide adds appear threatening which is an achievement.


Overall a very enjoyable episode that managed to advance the mythology without boring the casual viewer and at least appeared to advance the plot by revealing something of the motivations of the opposing group.


GS Reviewer: Andrew

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