TV Review – Survivors Season 2 Episode 1

The first season of new Survivors was a little shiny a little glossy at least for this fan of the rugged 70s original. So how does Season’s premier episode fair?

The initial recap was a little patronising – the economy of the 70s titles told the story sharply. The muddle of the modern titles needed an additional set on the front with a narrative portrayed on screen. This is iconic in Star Wars but here it’s a weakness.

In this episode Greg is mainly poorly sick and as a result he needs medicine to make him better.

The plus side of this is that we really get to see the acting chops of Patterson Joseph through a series of flashbacks while he awaits his medicine. You get to see him knock it for six which Hyperdrive’s Space Marshal Clarke or the office manager in Peep Show didn’t give him the opportunity to do.

Most of the other acting is up to a good standard. Honourable mentions go to both Chatnak Patral as Najid and Robyn Addison as Sarah Boyer both of whom seem to have really improved between seasons. Ms Addison in particular had to shoulder a particularly heavy acting load for an actor which I think she hefted well. The only area I could say the acting was weak is in the somewhat soporific performances of the lab boffins. I think that was a direction decision but it didn’t really work for me.

The great big collapsing MacGuffin that was the significant threat originally upset me as an improbable coincidence but is later explained in the plot in a way that made sense. It was nice to get the first tantalising glimpses of various fiefdoms and communities reforming and that would be something I would really want to see come to the foreground.

Spoiler alert. Given the situation I do think the series has to be much more ruthless with the characters. The Survivors keep on surviving. Really this show should surely be a free wielding with its axe as Spooks and no one should be safe. If they had done that we wouldn’t need the big bad lab vampires for a sustained threat. That said on this occasion the payoff from one characters survival and the eventual parting on essentially moral, philosophical and small ‘p’ politics ground sets up the series nicely for future events. So what do I know?

The use of some REALLY prominent landmarks (in both series) made the move of shooting location from Manchester to Birmingham very oblivious. But I suppose with the move of Ashes to Ashes to Lon-don we should just be grateful anything the BBC does is set in the provinces.

However the biggest shock of the show was seeing Chucklevision was still on telly.

In the end though of the original series I do want them to stop prancing about in their primarni and get down to arguing about crop rotation.

GS Reviewer: Andrew Clark

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