TV REVIEW: The Fades Episode 4 (Spoiler free)

Past the midway point and there is no signs of this show fading (sorry!) in both the quality of drama or writing.

The first thing I realized is how much I love Mac’s intros. A great way to recap and also put the audience thoughts on screen.

After last weeks cliffhanger we jump straight into Paul’s fate. His family portray just the right amount of anguish and guilt even his twin sister as they are told he is brain dead.

For the rest of the episode it feels like one big introduction for new character John who has just emerged from his previous form as the main flesh eating Fade.  This is no bad thing as he is being set up as Paul’s nemesis.

At one point you actually start to feel sorry for John which shows how good the writing is on this show.  During a flasback sequence we get an answer to one of the shows biggest questions.

It is around this flashback that we actually start to question if the Angelic’s team are as good as they claim to be or are they cruel sadistic jailers!

Neil and Mac get a little screen time but I would love to see more of these two together as neither wavers from their roles but are totally at odds with each other.

The action steps up a notch here as we see Neil running around with a sub machine gun and the bullets start to fly

I have missed the comedy in this episode but I guess everyone has to grow up sometime and you really start to feel like the show is heading to a dark climatic finale.

Once again we are left with a game changing ending as Sarah makes a difficult decision and not everyone survives.

A good episode but this has been the weakest episode so far and that is not a complaint but rather an observation.

GS Rating: 4/5
GS Reporter: Montoya

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