TV REVIEW: Wolfblood Season 2 – First Two Episodes


The British Teenage Wolfen Return… Yay!!!

Well – in the SilverFox household we are happy to report that Wolfblood has returned and lost none of it’s shine! The series picks up straight after the end of season 1, when Rhydian had made the bold decision to leave Maddy’s pack (having fallen foul of her parents on more than one occasion), and go it alone with his mum and her more feral ‘wild wolfblood’ pack. Maddy is still shell-shocked by all of this, although there is now some relief in her life that best buddies Tom and Shannon actually know her secret, and she has someone to talk to. Anyway, here’s a quick review of the first couple of episodes, with no spoilers:

Ep 1 – Leader of the Pack: no real surprise, but Rhydian returns; we get the background story on why, and the fact that he has, unfortunately brought danger with him to Maddy’s doorstep, in the form of Alric, the alpha male from his last pack. Tom discovers that Shannon has a her own rather unpleasant secret that she’s keeping from Maddie. A great opening episode – look out for the judo-training scene… priceless! A great return to form by a brilliant cast, although Rhydian did look a little out-of-sorts as he re-adjusted having been back out in the wild, although I am glad by the episode 2 that he has a hair-cut, having let it grow was he was with his mother’s feral pack – not a good look! 🙂

Ep 2 – The Girl from Nowhere: An unexpected arrival from Rhydian’s period with the other pack, and puts Maddy & her family at odds, and once again Maddy loyalties are tested as she must choose sides. The arrival is in the form of Jana, the daughter of Alric, now thrown out of her pack for wanting to live among humans. She turns up at school in search of Rhydian, and it’s very clear she’s brought out the green-eyed devil in Maddy from the first minute, as she is clearly very attached to Rhydian. This looks like it will set up the series for an interesting love triangle, as well as always keeping you wondering if Jana is all she seems.

At this point, I should point out that on the CBBC web-site, there is a Secret Episode: a 10-minute prequel to season 2 where you can find out what happened to Rhydian when he joined the Wild Wolfbloods at the end of series one and why he returns for the start of series two. If you are outside the UK, and can’t see it, let me know and I’ll post a synopsis.

To the aptly named Debbie Moon & co… keep up the excellent work!!!

GS Rating: 4/5

Source: CBBC

Reporter: SilverFox

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