Two Sherlocks Too Many? CBS Developing Modern Day Sherlock Holmes TV Show

CBS and Steven Moffat settle their differences over CBS modern day Sherlock idea

So according to Deadline CBS are working on a modern day version of Sherlock Holmes. I’ll take a few breathes while you take that one in.

CBS has bought Sherlock Holmes, a drama project from CBS TV Studios and studio-based Timberman/Beverly Prods., which is described as a modern take on the cases of the pipe-smoking private eye created by Arthur Conan Doyle. Rob Doherty is writing and will executive produce with Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly.

It seems that someone forgot to mention to CBS the small matter that there is already a modern day Sherlock Holmes show on TV and pretty darn good one from the collective pens of Mr Steven Moffat and Mr Mark Gatiss.

The question is are we ready for another modern day reboot of the Holmes’ adventures or will it be off to the Reichenbach Falls where the two shows can settle their differences. Of course it’s all early days at the moment so no idea just what a modern US take will on Sherlock Holmes will be but I’m intrigued just to see where they go with it and how they can make if different from the UK’s Sherlock.

What do you think?…is it one modern day Sherlock TV show too many? How do you think it will look? How do you think CBS will tackle it? So far all I have is that I reckon it won’t be set in England for some reason and that Watson is either going to be black, asian, gay, a woman or maybe a wisecracking alien. Ok maybe I’m a little bit cynical at the moment but I hope they can prove me wrong and both shows can bring something different to the table.

Time as always will tell

GS Reporter Nuge
Source: Deadline


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  1. bakerst /

    I’m from the US and the BBC’s Sherlock is my favorite show. Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are both geniuses. However, if someone think they can try and out Sherlock them…. it will be interesting to see them try.

  2. sabelle /

    I must admit that CBS did a pretty good job at the Hawaii 5-0 remake. Not sure how this one would pan out, especially since BBC produced a fantastic one. I agree that it would be interesting to see them try.

  3. Sonamy47 /

    I think it will be a epic battle of Sherlocks

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