Video Interview with Idris Elba on Luther Series 2


If you want Sherlock Holmes with a dash of Columbo and a side order of darkness then I would reccomend you pick up Luther starring the brillant Idris Elba. The show was one of my highlights of last year.  Here’s an idea of what you can expect from Luther (don’t worry it’s the start of epsiode 1, series 1)

After the success of the first series Luther returns for a second series of grisly murder investigations to the BBC on 14th June at 9:00pm.   Digital Spy caught up with Idris to chat about the role.

Be warned if you’ve not watched series one of Luther there are some big spoilers ahead. Don’t spoil it for yourself go and pick up series one first!


GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Digital Spy

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