Voices from the Syndicate: Best Page to screen casting

In this edition of the Voices from the Syndicate we ask our team of Geeks what has been the best page to screen casting.

There have been many books or comics or games made into films or even TV shows but which has been the best so far. We ask our team of geeks to tell all.


SHAR: I’d have to say it’s the Harry Potter trio of Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson; No one else could have embodied those roles as they did — perfect casting in my opinion.

MONTOYA: Hmmm I have to say I was really impressed with Robert Downey JNR as Tony Start in Iron Man. I am a huge iron Man comics fan so for me seeing Stark come to life by Downey was a dream come true. He has gone through a lot in his life just like stark and can relate to a lot of the same flaws.

NUGE: It’s an oldie but for me it will always be Christopher Reeve. Since Superman the movie no actor has come close to making me believe that a nerdy, shy and awkward bloke in glasses is also the most powerful being on earth and no one can see it.  The scenes where he switches between Clark and Superman without the change of uniform but by simply a change of stance and speaking with a more confident voice still bring me chills whenever I watch the first two films. Also Wesley Snipes as Blade is worth a mention for that entrance in the first film…now that’s how you show me a bad ass vampire slayer to be feared. I would also give a collective round of applause to the majority of the Lord of the Rings cast especially Ian Mckellen as Gandalf.

LUKE: Difficult but I think it’s down to Christopher reeve as sups n Hugh Jackman as wolverine. I can’t imagine anyone else playing either of them n Reeve really is the man of steel to me.

MATT P: For me it has to be the cast of the walking dead. Without exception they are the characters from the books (well the ones that are in the books). The kid who plays Carl has really come into his own in the new season to the point where in my eyes he is Carl.

THOMAS: It has to be Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark. I don’t *see* RDJ anymore, only Tony Stark. That could be due to a limited knowledge of his previous films, but I’d like to think that it’s becaus he owns that role.

GS Reporter: Montoya

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  1. I’d have to say Gary Oldman as Jim Gordon in both Batman Begins and Dark Knight. He really hit the nail on the head with how I thought he would be

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