Voices of the Syndicate: Best ending to a TV show or movie

Want to know what the Geek Syndicate thinks the best ending was to a TV show or movie?

So we asked this question to the team at Geek Syndicate and here is what we got. But do not be shy, let us know what you all think.

Was Angel your favorite ending?

Vichus Smith: I think Angel had one of the most respectable endings I can remember. Angel went out swinging, and also ended ambiguously. I think that’s how you want your heroes to fade out.

Nuge: I have to go with Angel for one of my fave TV endings. I just think it was such a fantastic ‘putting it all on the line ending’ and going down fighting the good fight, which I never saw coming. It was one of the reasons why I stopped the comic follow up after a few issues as I realized I was happy with the way the story ended and didn’t want to see it carry on. I would also cite Blake’s 7 for the same reason as Angel, fighting a hopeless cause to the end.

Another perfect ending for me was Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade for me those last 5 -10 minutes were among my fave of the whole trilogy. What more can you ask from a hero that you’ve have followed for three great films than to watching him ride off into the sunset with his friends and family…pure class!

I also had a soft spot for the end of the superman films. I never got tired of watching Christopher Reeve soar over the earth and smile at the audience as if he’s saying “Don’t worry I’ve got your back earth.”

UPDATE: For shame I nearly forgot to mention my all time fave ending as a kid was Raiders of the Lost Ark…do I really need to explain why?

Matthew: Best Ending would have to be Back to the Future 2, one of the beat movies ever made. As soon as the guy turns up with the letter from the Doc and we get the line “he’s alive!! He’s in the old west but he’s alive” then the scene of young Doc celebrating sending Marty back to the future and the music changes and Marty Appears! And we get the “Thats right! You did send me to the future, but I’m back! I’m Back from the future!” Absolutely perfect! The music is perfect the acting is perfect the whole sequence is perfect!

Dave W: What I find really interesting is how many genre shows have a fantastic ending…and then carry on and have quite a dull second one or to just plod on afterwards. Buffy Season 5, Babylon 5 season 4, and Supernatural (so I’m told) are great examples of this. My vote though has to go for Blake’s 7, it gives us an absolutely fantastic cliff-hanger ending which has had me wanting more ever since I saw it and cements the place of Avon as a bad “melonfarmer”.

Clarky the cruel: Blakes 7 won’t give it away due to spoilers but great way to wrap up a show.

Montoya: My vote would be for Angel on TV and Back to the Future part 3 for film. Both of these had great endings but in totally different ways. BATTF 3 was the perfect ending that made you smile as the adventure ended but a new one was just around the corner. Angel was just typical left curve that Whedon like to throw.

Matt F: Well, i can think of far more poor endings to series than good ones, which is a sad reflection in the fact that so many series – even strong ones – tend to run out of steam and end in failure. I think Blakes 7 is possible the classic “big shock ending” and it is rightly remembered for that episode if little else. Angel proves what a series warning of cancellation can do for a series. But as everyone else will have gone for those, I’m going to say Twin Peaks – not intended to be a series finale, just a between-season one, the seeming final loss of Agent Cooper casts a retrospective darkness across a flawed, yet defining TV series.

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