Warehouse 13 to open it’s doors for a third season

According to the Hollywood Reporter the successful Syfy series “Warehouse 13” is getting a third series

Syfy’s “Warehouse 13” is getting a third season.

After weeks of rumors, the cable network is set to announce a 13-episode pickup. Showrunner Jack Kenny will on board for another round and has signed a development deal with Syfy.

To be honest I’ve quite enjoyed the show. It doesn’t blow me away but it’s entertaining enough, the characters are fun (even though cracking jokes when everything is going to hell around you sometimes gets a little much) and it’s pulling in viewers so it’s doing something right. I like the premise though and I think that’s what keeps bringing me back to the show (and I keep telling myself somewhere in that warehouse they better have the Ark of the Covenant!).

For those who haven’t watched it yet the best description I’ve heard of the shows is ‘X-file lite’ so I’ll stick with that one for now….hmmm or how about ‘Carry on X-Files’ ?  If there are no Carry on fans that last phrase is going to be lost on you.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

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