What do Stargate, V and Firefly have in common?

Two words…Morena Baccarin

Meet the new Diana!

Meet the new Diana!

Not only was Morena in both Stargate and Firefly Hollywood Reporter has just announced that she will be taking on the role of the Alien Leader in the upcoming remake of V.

If by Alien Leader they mean she’ll be Diana then I’m 100% behind that casting as I think she’ll be great in that role. We got a taste of her evil side in the last season of Stargate and she did a good job.

Still trying my best not to get my hopes up too much for this one. Please don’t screw this up Mr TV series makers.

Oh and seriously someone need to start a petition to get in Marc Singer and Michael Ironside in there as cameos!

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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