Win a chance to appear in Supernatural!

Please note that we are not the ones running this competition can not enter anyone into it. If you are intersted in finding out more then please read the press release below and then visit the competition site at

As long time listeners of the podcast will know Dave and I are both huge fans of the TV show Supernatural.

Those of you who have been watching the show on Living TV will know that series five will be kicking off on the channel in Early Feb. What you don’t know is that to help celebrate the launch of the new series the guys at Living TV are running a competition which could see one lucky sod winning a chance to appear on the show.

Even if you don’t win the conept behind this Alternate Reality Game/competition sounds like a great idea and should be a laugh.

Check out the press release below for all the info and here’s a little video help from a familar face.

Lucifer is Coming!

Be warned though this competition if only open to folks based in the UK.

Good Luck!

LIVING goes Supernatural with alternate reality game – Fight the Apocalypse in the UK

In 2009, Emmy Award nominated US drama Supernatural found a new home in the UK – LIVING. To raise awareness for the UK premiere of series five starting early Feb, LIVING is launching one of the UK’s most complex alternate reality games (ARG) ever, which will offer one viewer the ultimate Supernatural prize – a chance to appear in the show.

Supernatural season four ended in suspense as Lucifer was freed from hell and on LIVING season five follows Sam and Dean Winchester as they face their toughest battle yet; the apocalypse.  To promote the new series, LIVING is creating the Fight the Apocalypse ARG, which calls on Supernatural fans to mobilise their armies and join the fight against Lucifer.

The ARG is based around collecting hidden symbols – ‘Enochian Sigils’ – which players must locate, photograph and send via MMS to a shortcode,. One of the first truly cross-platform campaigns of its type, the ARG utilises online, mobile, print and real world elements.

Enochian Sigils have been hidden online and at real world locations throughout the UK and clues to the Sigil locations will be delivered by Castiel (Misha Collins) in specially filmed sequences on the Fight the Apocalypse website ( Once located, Sigils are photographed on any mobile device and using Image recognition technology – which recognises any image taken on a mobile phone camera – are uploaded to the player’s profile.

In the ARG players have two ways of making it to the top: locating and photographing Enochian Sigils, and building an online army of support. Players can invite friends to join their army via email and through Facebook. On the website, Supernatural fans can create their own profile and contact friends to join their army, manage their game playing and collection of Enochian Sigils, as well as view other contestants’ profiles and join forces with other players. For fans who want to play on the move, all core game functions will be available on the mobile site.

Online media partners are collaborating in the game, with some sites creating their own bespoke mini challenges for gamers to find sigils. Twitter is the social hub for Fight the Apocalypse and will countdown to the start of the game, as well as announcing new clues, and creating a community around the game and the new series of Supernatural. Followers of the Fight the Apocalypse Twitter feed will be given tips and additional mini challenges quick challenges to win extra prizes. Fans can follow the Fight the Apocalypse Twitter at

The first clue to start the hunt will be released on the 20th January. Fans can pre-register for the game now at


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  1. beckie brown /

    i love this program so much dean is so hot its unbelievable it is a dream of mine to be in an episode and would mean the world to me please could you enter me xxxxx

  2. Harry Monk /

    I would love to appear in the amazing programme supernatural.It would be so great for me to do this. I am a huge fan of supernatural and would love the chance to do this.This is a once in a life time opportunity and I would be so greatfull if I won it. Please can you reply to me if I get this opportunity. Thanks.

  3. quality program , been a fan from the get go , id like a opertunity to kick a bit of demon ass 😉

  4. Ashley Hendy /

    Supernatural is totally awesome iv watched it from the begining and have followed it all the way through. it would be so amazing to be able to appear on supernatural please i would be so grateful. its one in a lifetime and acting is my passion. nothing like this ever comes along and it would be so amazing to do all of the things Jensen and Jared do. please please please enter me i am from the UK =D please!! Thanks dudes! Ashley xx

  5. ciara /

    i love supernatural but im only ten

  6. gary mcstravick /

    my wife and i love supernatural that will do.

  7. after watching supernatural over and over, with a passion for acting i could see myself appearing on the program if given the chance 🙂

  8. I love Supernatural.I have watched the show since the begining of the series. I would love the chance to win this amazing prise to be in Supernatural.i love acting so much it would be my dream come true if i won this. I love to be able to send the demons back to hell were they belong.I’ll be so gratfull if you would enter me please.michaela.xx

  9. hi 🙂 i am an avid fan of supernatural, and have watched every series. Watched the first episode in series five tonight, it was awesome. i have always been interested in the supernatural in general, and it would be one of my dreams to be involved in this series. It would also be amazing to meet the stars. i have done a little bit of extra work, it was a brilliant experience. hopefully i will be picked to appear in an episode….please make my day

  10. Tammy cross /

    I love this show i have watched it from the very first episode, bought all the boxset 1-4, i got my friends & family into it, love the storyline, i love all things supernatural, especially this show, love jensen heckles & is character dean winchester, i know it does not matter, i am very pretty to look at, people always tell me how beautiful i am, sorry if i sound vain i’m quite insercure really, i would love a part on the show, as i have not acheived much in my life, i look after my disabled father who i love dearly, tv is my life never done any acting, but all my life family & friends say i could win an oscar, as i take acting parts of films & tv all my life, its a chance of a lifetime i know that, you would fulfill my dreams, please consider me, look me up on facebook under the name tammy jones cross & see a picture of me, i live in south wales England, thankyou very much.

    • geeksyndicate /

      Hi Tammy, if you check the comp again you’ll see that we aren’t the ones actually running it, You need to go to the Lucifer is coming website which is mentioned to find out what you need to do. Apologies that we can’t help on this occasion.

  11. geeksyndicate /

    Hi Sharl, I’m sorry but we are not the ones running this comp.

    Please visit for all the info and good luck!

  12. i love supernatural so much i have watched all the episode’s i have laughed with them and cried with them its the best programme on tv.I LOVE DEAN SO MUCH i prented he is my husband.

  13. emma /

    February 22, 2010 at 1:38 pm
    l like supernatural stuff
    like witchs / wizards and all the rest
    bot i love supernatural i stay up to see it on the tv i live in england but i know a lots on supernatural
    cos i have seen a spirits in england in old stuff but they were not evil they wos good but i seen some evil spirits but i wos on a trip with school the spirits stay away of us all

  14. alex hunt /

    hi i love watchin supernatural dean is so hot i wud love to meet him

  15. Megan Loader /

    I Love supernatural soo much and its my dream to be a actress and be in front on millons of people on tv doing what i love best 😉 If i could just play even a small part in supernatural it would make my dream come true i mean every person has a dream and evryone has the right to make that dream happen ! xxxxxx Soo Please make this dream happen for me xxx Have a great Day x

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