Wolfblood Season 2: Trailer & Interviews

Wolfblood The British Teenage Wolfen Return… Yay!!!

Boy, are my kids torn about next week. Firstly it’s back to school, but also it’s the return of Wolfblood, a week Monday! Wolfblood, created by Debbie Moon, was the surprise CBBC hit when series one aired last year, with ratings growing week by week until it became their number one show. Part of its appeal was that it quickly gained a fanbase older than its young teen target audience, evolving as a cleverly written show with some impressive performances and quality production values. Check out the interviews with the lead stars at SFX:


Season two will premiere on CBBC on 9 September and will be available on BBC iPlayer. (The final three episodes of series one are currently on iPlayer too for a catch-up). For a quick look at the upcoming season, see the trailer at:


Source: SilverFox
Reporter: SFX

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