X-Files 20th Anniversary Panel Confirmed for Comic-Con
02/07/2013 San Diego Comic Con 2013

X-Files-David-DuchovnySan Diego Comic Con have announced that they will host a X-Files 20th Anniversary panel this July. Following on from previous successful reunions such as the 10th Anniversary Firefly panel last year, this year will see creator Chris Carter being joined by many of the shows writers and producers including Howard Gordon, Darin Morgan and Glen Wong.

Of course, we will be waiting with baited breath to see if Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny make an appearance.  Anderson’s website lists her as attending Comic-Con but there is no word as to whether Duchovny will be there.

Duchovny has previously spoken out regarding the mileage still left in the franchise.  Could this panel be the start of the X-Files coming back to our screens?  Should it make a come back or has it run it’s course?

Reporter: Mygeekadventure

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