Yatta! Masi Oka Lands Syfy Script Deal

Remember Heroes? The NBC show that started off with everyone mentioning their iconic “Save the Cheerleader. Save the World.” tagline that slowly descended into cancellation-ville? Well if you do, you’ll recall Hiro Nakamura, the Japanese time-traveling comic geek. He was my favorite character on the show and even though I lost interest after it’s 2nd season, I was hoping that we’d see Masi Oka on our screens again.

Well he will be soon enough! Oka has landed a script deal with Syfy to develop an Inception/Adjustment Bureau-like pilot for the cable network. He’s teaming up with Alex Sabati to write and star in The Correctors, which follows two agents of the Exceptions Bureau who are dispatched to a parallel universe where they inhabit the bodies of their identical selves in order to stop events from occurring.

If it makes it past the pilot into a full-on series, it sounds like something that could turn out to be one of my must-see TV shows.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter
GS Reporter: Sharlene (@lightstarangel on Twitter)

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  1. if you wanna see Masi, then watch the new Hawaii 5-0 show. He has a small role as an ME…

    • Sharlene M /

      Oh cool I didn’t realize he was on that show! Unfortunately, I tried watching a few eps and its not for me. But thanks for the heads up!

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