Caprica Season 1 Episode 5 – There is Another Sky

Caprica Season 1 Episode 5 – There is Another Sky

This episode focuses on Tamara Adama – the daughter of Joseph who was killed in the train bombing that killed Zoe Graystone. Zoe and Lacy had found her in the V world and left her to find her own way into the real world, without telling her what happened to her. Tamara finds someone who she thinks can help her get into the real world – a woman called Vesta. Vesta sends Tamara on a mission into a new part of V world that we have not seen before – a virtual game version of Caprica City with no laws.

While Tamara discovers that she can’t be killed in New Cap City – which is vital to being able to win – she comes back to Vesta with exactly what she asked for, then sends her new friend out into the real world to find out exactly what happened to her, and why she can’t wake up.

At the same time, Joseph has found that his son Willie was skipping school, so in order for them both to move on with their lives they perform a Tauron rite to let go of the dad. And of course someone comes knocking as this is going on to say they have seen Tamara in V world.

There is not much going on with the Graystones in this episode, other than a challenge to Daniel’s leadership, which he easily overcomes when he shows the company the Zoe robot.

What is interesting about this episode is that Tamara’s avatar is significantly different to Zoe’s. Since Tamara has no body in which to ‘wake up’ from the V world, she doesn’t and can withstand bullets without being significantly damaged. This is a new twist to the Caprica universe and one that is not ungratefully accepted. The other great thing about this episode is the V world of New Cap City, it is deliciously film noir and filled with 20s clothing, Tommy guns and the like which mix in with the new technology that the gamers bring in with them.

After the slow previous episode, There Is Another Sky is a welcome change of pace where we learn that a lot more is going on with the V world than we thought, and just at a time when Daniel Graystone and his company have decided that the holoband – and the V world that comes with it – are dead. It seems that he is going to regret that decision in the not too distant future.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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