Caprica Season 1 Episode 6 – Know Thy Enemy

Episode 5 of Caprica was fast paced and more like the first episode of the show, episode 6; Know Thy Enemy has slowed down to it’s usual slower pace. This doesn’t mean that the episode is not as gripping as the one before, it means that there is more being introduced into the overall storyline so the episode has to be slower in order to allow us to catch up.

There are two new characters introduced in this episode of Caprica. First of all is Vergis, the head of the Vergis Corporation. This is the corporation that Daniel employed Joseph Adama to steal the MCP chip from. The MCP chip, combined with Zoe’s avatar, is what makes the Cylon work. Vergis knows that Daniel Graystone had the MCP chip stolen, but does not want immediate retribution – Vergis is not going to turn Graystone into the police. Instead, after an appearance on the Sarno show where he confesses that he is going to get Caprican citizenship and move away from his homeworld of Tauron, Vergis tells Graystone that his dream is to destroy Daniel’s dream in retribution for the two men that were killed in the robbery.

Vergis reminds us of the differences between Taurons and Capricans. Taurons believe in blood for blood, taking the law into their own hands and are more primal than the Capricans, who turn to law enforcement officers in order to balance the score. This again raises the issue of race and ethnicity in Caprica. This theme has been appearing and disappearing throughout the episodes of the show that we have seen so far, the main embodiment of the differences between the two races being the Adamas and the Graystones. This is where the episode gets messy; while Graystone commissioned the robbery of Vergis, it was a Tauron, at the behest of Joseph Adama that carried it out. For the first time since the early episodes of Caprica, Adama and Graystone are united and fighting for the same thing in the same way.

The other new character that we are introduced to this week is Barnabas played by Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel alum James Marsters. Considerably less is revealed about Barnabas, although he has already been mentioned during earlier episodes, very little is known about him. We learn that he is one of the STO, he probably set the bomb at the holo café and he can get cargo off world without questions being asked. Lacy is still trying to get the Zoe cylon to Geminon – she feels she owes it to Zoe to continue what she was trying to do when she was killed. Keon brings Lacy to Barnabas to try and get him to help her, but without knowing what the cargo is e refuses to help Lacy. This is where trouble starts, Barnabas is still curious about what the cargo is – in much the same way as Clarice wants to get her hands on Zoe’s avatar – so he sends Keon to find out what it is.

In the meantime Zoe creates a V-club version of herself to meet up with technician Philomon (remember the one she danced with earlier in the season?). Obviously Zoe wants to make a human connection, rather than just be seen for the robot that she appears to be, and escape from her father’s lab without him knowing she is in the robot, but from the instant she and Philomon meet up in the V-club, you just know this is going to be trouble.

As well as this, Sister Clarice forms a friendship with Amanda Graystone in order to try and steal Zoe’s avatar from Daniel’s computer, and Joseph Adama searches for the boy, Tad, who came to him and told him that Tamara was ‘alive’ in New Cap City.

Caprica gets more and more complex this episode. The new characters being introduced add more strands to the tangled web that the established characters are weaving for themselves. Both of them are dangerous and have their own agenda. It seems at times as though Caprica is being drawn out, but it is easy to forget that this is only the  sixth episode of the season, and we are still getting used to the world and the characters. One thing is for sure, the overall storyline is far more detailed than the first episode would have us believe and it is this intricacy and attention to detail that helps the audience identify with the characters in the show and makes Caprica gripping.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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