Caprica Season 1 Episode 7 – Imperfections of Memory

After the highly complex and in depth episode that preceded Imperfections of Memory, this episode is considerably less detailed. This is not a bad thing, however, the newest episode of Caprica allows the show to move through the storyline that has already been established, without adding further mystery.

Amanda Graystone and Sister Clarice get closer in this episode. The information that Clarice stole from Daniel’s computer is not what she needed so she goes back to Amanda, under the pretence of offering her a shoulder to cry on, in the hope of getting the information she needs. Amanda opens up to Clarice and confesses that she is seeing her dead brother Darius around her. Amanda tells Clarice that the last time this happened, after Darius died in a car accident, Amanda ended up suffering a severe mental breakdown and spending three years in a mental hospital. As soon as Amanda makes, and elaborates on this confession, under the influence of alcohol and drugs, we know that this was a massive mistake which is going to come back to haunt her, as Clarice is the fakest of fake friends. What is interesting is that Clarice has a very sexual undertone in all her dealings with people, and when Daniel Graystone asks his wife if he should be jealous of her new friend she replies “I’m not sure”. This is the first time that the show has actively acknowledged the fact that Clarice uses her sexuality to get what she wants.

Joseph Adama is still searching for his daughter Tamara. He finds the boy Tamara befriended in V-world and convinces Tad to take him to Tamara. Before they find her, however, Tad is killed in-world and according to the rules of New Cap City, once you are killed you can never return to the game. Instead Joseph teams up with a girl called Emanuelle who offers to lead him to Tamara, for a price.

As well as this, Lacy is still trying to get the Zoe cylon to Geminon and if Barnabas will only help her if she is STO, as Keon tells her, then she will become STO.

We know that Zoe wants to escape to Geminon without her father ever finding out that she was within the robot, and so she goes on another date with engineer Philomon and feeds him information that she hopes will cause him to take the robot out of the lab. Instead he passes this information on to Daniel Graystone and, with a little inspiration from how the family dog acts around the robot, finally puts the pieces together and realises that Zoe’s avatar was not lost from the cylon.

Finally Daniel Graystone has figured out what the audience has known from the start of Caprica – Zoe is still in the cylon. His acknowledgement of this fact is almost a cause for celebration, and it also feels that the story is going to become more coherent, because his realisation is going to draw the strands of the story together. All characters will be affected by this revelation – Clarice believes that Zoe is the ‘mother of eternal life’ and she has achieved it, The Adamas will want the same for Tamara and the Graystones will get their daughter back. As well as this, Zoe’s plan to escape to Geminon will be foiled.

For the first time, Caprica has really ended on a cliffhanger, and although the episode was not filled with action and detailed storylines as the previous episode was, this is one of the most satisfying episodes of the show so far. Finally the characters’ knowledge is catching up with the audiences’ knowledge without adding more information to an already full story. Maybe Caprica has finally found it’s stride.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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