Caprica Season 1 Episode 8 Ghosts in the Machine

At the end of episode 7, we saw Daniel Graystone finally realise that Zoe’s avatar was actually inside the Cylon and not lost as he had originally thought. What we didn’t know was how Zoe was going to react to this. Ever since she realised that her avatar was still inside the robot, Zoe has tried to hide this fact from her father as she is still determined to leave Caprica, just as she was when she was alive.

In episode 8 we see Zoe studiously and stubbornly refuse to acknowledge her father unless he directly refers to robot, as opposed to Zoe. Daniel puts Zoe through all sorts of tests, trying to trick her into revealing herself, but Zoe ‘turns herself off’, as she tells Lacy she is going to do, and even when Daniel puts her in some pretty nasty situations, she doesn’t give in and reveal herself.

This is an remarkable development for Caprica. The audience may be truly disconcerted that Zoe does not revert to the girl that she was when she died and fall, weeping, into her father’s arms. It seems at times that Zoe’s existence is pretty lonely, but when she has a chance to make contact with her family again, she does not take it. Although, if she could manage to stay stoic when her parents had sex in the same room as her, then perhaps her mission is more important to her than family.

It will be interesting to see how this develops. On the surface it could seem that nothing has changed, but Daniel’s realisation has changed how he views the robot and Zoe needs to be more careful if she is to avoid detection. As with most things in Caprica, it seems as though this is building towards something bigger, but for the moment we are left to guess what that is.

Meanwhile, Joseph Adama is still in New Cap City trying to track down Tamara. As he does so he is getting more and more familiar with how this strange game works. He also learns that other players believe Tamara is part of the game, since she can’t be killed and is being viewed with the same kind of feeling that Sister Clarice has about Zoe in the real world – that she is the cause of eternal life.

As well as this, Amanda Graystone is still haunted with visions of her dead brother and is still crying on the shoulder of Sister Clarice. That is, until Vergis comes to visit her and tells her of Daniel’s involvement with the death of two of his employees.

All in all, this was another one of the slower episodes of Caprica, but this is no bad thing. Until now, the episodes have been galloping along, filled with detail and adding more and more characters, that it is good for the storyline to slow a little to allow the audience to catch their breath and accept all this new information they have been given. The show is reaching the midway point of the season, and it seems as though this lull was deliberately included in the show to allow it to gear up again for the second half of the season. Whatever the reason, Caprica is creating enough suspense and intrigue to keep us glued to the show.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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