Derren Brown The Events. Coming Soon.

Derren Brown returns to Channel 4 this autumn with The Events – his most ambitious undertaking to date. Derren’s previous stunts have seen him cheat death playing Russian Roulette; convince people to rob an armoured security van; and beat the bookies with a foolproof horse race gambling system.

Derren’s been working on The Events for over a year, producing four highly complex shows of ‘misdirection’. Each event has an underlying theme, to trick, to win, to fool and, of course, to control.

I do like a bit of magic and misdirection hence me sticking up this trailer and press release.

Apparently there are loads of clues sprinkled around the weird ass advert about what the events are.

I’ve found one so far. Can you find more?

GS Reporter: Nuge

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  1. Marion /

    I dunno but they’ve made this whole website up

    and the advert is backwards (well his talking is)

    and there are the numbers (3)2, 25, 9, 6 and 47 on a lamppost.
    and there’s a kid with a (manchester utd) balloon
    and they’ve also created this backwards manchester united website

    theres a guy with a white circle on his back

    and the bus that goes past says ‘IT WILL BE YOU’ and a thumbs up 🙂

    Also he tags some blog posts on his site with ‘noitceridsim’ (‘Misdirection backwards’ and single asterisk at the end.


  2. William /

    theres this website , not sure if its official but it says what all of the events are and it seems to relate to the clues, the numbers appear to be winning lottery numbers (upcoming) 😀 he is going to play a game of football against man u and win and then make viewers at home get “stuck to there sofa” take a look at the website!!

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