TV REVIEW: Doctor Who Series 6 Episode 8: Let’s Kill Hitler

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What’s It About?
Amy and Rory are Reunited with The Doctor and he is introduced to their best friend before the TARDIS is hijacked. The crew find themselves in 1938 Berlin and must save the Time Lord from an Assassin trained to kill him from birth …

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The title of this episode has been out and about for a few months and I have to say that this story was completely different to anything that I could have expected. It’s interesting that Amy and Rory allowed The Doctor to search for Melody on his own – taking the time to have a Summer of normality which could seem a trifle odd manner of showing parental concern. Still, their message to him was amusing, as was the introduction of their long-time friend, Mels.

It’s not long before the true action starts, and the TARDIS crew (actually – I’m going to start referring to them as Family I think) arrive in Berlin. Crashing into a certain Fuhrer’s office and inadvertantly saving his life in the process. From there, we’re treated to an excellent scene, reminiscent of Moffat’s earlier Doctro Who work “Curse of the Fatal Death” in which The Doctor and his opponent manage to guess the other’s actions and counter act them. I loved that scene.

Arthur Darvill stole the show this week for me, Rory was treated to some of the best lines this week, together with an opportunity to put a historical dictator on their back. Classic stuff. Also, his reactions in one of the “introduction to Mels” flashback scenes where Amy realises he’s besotted with her is superb.

There’s no real Monster this week, though we are introduced to a Time Travelling Police force, seeking to punish criminals who got away with their crimes moments before their lives end. The vehicle they utilise is unique and reminded me of a comic strip from Buster (a rival of The Beano in the UK) in the 1980s in which a race of miniature people control a human from within. Of course, there must be danger and this is partly supplied by the Antibodies within said vehicle. The politest killers in the universe? Quite possibly.

This opener did much to answer questions asked throughout the series so far: Who exactly are The Silence? Who did River Song kill (though we knew that one), What’s “River”‘s first encounter with the Doctor? If she can regenerate, how come she didn’t in The Library? Why did she become an Archeologist in the 52nd Century? Where did she get that Blue Spoiler book? We’re still left with questions, but I appreciated the wrapping up of River’s story here. Somehow it has opened the rest of the series to focus on some adventures before a final showdown with The Silence.


And the niggles?

Niggly, niggle, nig-nig niggle. Have I any? I think not. Other than wondering where the heckers Mels got hold of an automatic hand-gun and a classic corvette in Leadworth …

In summary:

A belter of an episode with more answers than questions. Completely different to what I expected with some fun character pieces and an interesting take on the Time Cop concept.

Rate It: 4.5 / 5.
Dry Slaps: 0
Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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  1. Niggle! She can’t regenerate any more as she used them all up saving the Doctor! I assume the spoiler book was from the Doctor, left blank for her to fill in as she goes?

  2. “If she can regenerate, how come she didn’t in The Library? ” Because she used all her regens up saving the doctor. That was explained in the hospital, damn don’t you pay attention, call yourself a doctor who fan. 😛 (Nb I’m allowed to tease him, I live with him)

  3. geeksyndicate /

    I think you’re getting a little confused. What wedgedoc is saying was that is was great that all those questions like “If she can regenerate, how come she didn’t in The Library? ” were answered in this episode.

    • Ta, chief. Spot on what I was meaning. I shall try and be clearer in the future. That is my personal future. Which could be the Past …

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