Dollhouse Season 2 – Episode 1 ‘Vows’ review (Non Spoiler)


I have to admit I was one of those people who enjoyed Dollhouse pretty much from the opening episode. Ok the first half of the season didn’t set my world on fire but I thought the second half of season one was much stronger with some great character and plot twists.

My advice to anyone before they watch the season two opener is to watch the actual series finale ‘Omega’ (not the future episode ‘Epitaph One’) again because I spent a lot of this episode trying to remember what had happened at the end of the last series.  Once I got over that hurdle I thought ‘Vows’ was a solid enough start with a main plot that was fairly predictable. It did however have a  great twist at the end that gave a hint of where this second series might be going. There were also some great  moments between some of the lesser characters who are still picking up the pieces of the events of ‘Omega’.

It was good to see Jamie Bamber popping up post  BSG as a villain (there was one scene with Echo which I found particularly disturbing but thankfully did not go as far as I thought it might).  I thought Amy Acker’s performance in dealing with the revelations about her character in season one were quite moving. I hope it’s something they come back to at some point.

Now one of the characters I haven’t liked from day one in Dollhouse was computer tech Topher, played by Fran Kranz. I found his character to be pretty two dimensional until I watched him shown in flashbacks in ‘Epitaph One’ at the end of which I ended up  actually pitying him. I was glad to see this trend continue in the season opener as we  begin see more sides to Topher. I hope that this season we can get to see more of Boyd’s back story and motivations for working for the Dollhouse.

Overall I thought ‘Vows’  got the season off to a good  start and I look  forward to seeing what Joss has planned for the rest of the series.

The second season begins it’s run on the UK Sci Fi Channel 20th October at 10 pm.

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