Dollhouse Season 2 Episode 10 – The Attic

At the end of episode 9, Echo, Victor and Sierra were sent to The Attic because DeWitt is aware that they can no longer be controlled. In order to survive The Attic Echo and her friends must survive their own personal nightmares and uncover the secret that The Attic is hiding.

Echo’s personal nightmare involves trying to save Victor and Sierra while escaping from The Attic. Pretty quickly Echo realises that she is in The Attic and this is her eternal loop. This is when she meets Mr Dominic (Reed Diamond) who was consigned to The Attic after he was found to be taking advantage of Sierra when she was in her ‘doll’ state. Echo and Dominic set out to save victims of The Attic who are being killed off by a mysterious figure who calls himself ‘Arcane’.

Once Dominic and Echo rescue Victor and Sierra from their loops, they manage to get their hands on Arcane (in the apocalyptic version of the future that we saw in Epitaph One) and discover that he is actually an unassuming guy named Clyde. Clyde is one of the people who came up with the initial Dollhouse technology and is killing people because their brains are being used to power the main Rossum computer.

Ok, so this is reminiscent of The Matrix, and the rest of the episode follows along similar lines – those that escape try to bring the system down from the inside, but it is where the similarities end. Only Clyde and Dominic stay in The Attic – Echo escapes and takes Victor and Sierra with her. Meanwhile, in the real world, Topher has managed to bring Paul Ballard to life with doll-like imprint of himself and when Echo returns, it turns out that DeWitt sent her to The Attic in order to discover it’s secrets. Ballard, Topher, Victor, Sierra, DeWitt and Boyd join forces to fight the good fight and bring down Rossum.

This episode allows for many twists and turns, but more importantly, finally gives us a glimpse into the inner workings of the Dollhouse and tons of back story – something we have been lacking in recent episodes. This episode also leaves us with some mysteries – who was Clyde’s partner that betrayed him? And has DeWitt really reformed or is she leading her team to destruction?

This episode of Dollhouse is the best there has been for several weeks – filled with story, suspense and atmosphere. The ‘identity of the week’ style episode has, thankfully, been retired and the focus instead is on the over arching storyline that has been hinted at in past episodes. Whatever happens, it seems that Dollhouse is ramping up for a thrilling finale.

GS Reviewer: Brogan Hayes

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  1. I don’t know whether cancellation woke the Dollhouse crew up, but this has become an excellent season. If anyone reading has not seen the latest episode, you’re up for some “oh my god” stuff.


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