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Episode three of Dollhouse’s second season is all about control. Echo’s assignment is to be a student seduced by her professor but the Dollhouse is dealing with a bigger issue. Terry Karrens (Joseph Sikora), the nephew of one of the Dollhouse’s backers is in a coma after being hit by a car. His uncle Bradley (Michael Hogan) believes that Terry is a potential serial killer who is holding women hostage. In order to get to the bottom of this, Topher ‘dumps’ Terry’s memories into a Doll – Victor (Enver Gjokaj) – so as to question Terry and find the missing women. However, Victor/Terry escapes and a remote memory wipe swaps Victor’s imprint with Echo’s.

So this episode is all about control. Professor Gossen (Arye Gross) wants to control Echo’s imprint Kiki and she in turn wants to control him, using sex, to get a better grade. Terry forces the women he kidnaps to pretend are members of his family, in order t control them the way he never could the real people. In the end, after Echo unintentionally becomes Terry, she manages to control the imprint and stop him from killing the women he is holding hostage.

Echo’s ability to control a character that she has been imprinted with is a new twist in Dollhouse. Up to this point, Echo has felt an imprints emotions even after she has been wiped clean, but this was different. Echo was legitimately imprinted with Terry, albeit accidentally, but she was able to control his desire to control and kill the women he had kidnapped. This could be because Terry’s imprint was a ‘brain dump’ and not a designed imprint with no malicious intentions, but either way, Echo’s ability to control a personality she was given. This new development in Echo’s resistance to the imprinting process reveals that the series is progressing faster than the one previous and that mysteries surrounding the Dollhouse may be revealed sooner rather than later.

Senator Perrin remained absent from this episode, allowing the story to focus on Echo, and it appears as though Dr Saunders is still missing, having abandoned the Dollhouse in episode one. The mystery deepens…

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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  1. If you’ve seen the episode off the DVD (“Epitaph One”) this episode made me feel like the future they depicted there may happen. Of course, they fiddle with the remote wipe technology, which is like the atom bomb in the world of dollhouse.

    Also, there is a character here that I suspect is a character who returns in Epitaph One.

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