Dollhouse Season 2, Episode 6 – The Left Hand

The Left Hand is a continuation of episode 5 – The Public Eye. It has been revealed that Senator Perrin has been modified by the Dollhouse, and both he and Echo have been taken to the Dollhouse in DC. Perrin to have his memory wiped and Echo, it seems, to be reunited with an old friend, DC tech Bennet, who is intent on torturing her.

DeWitt and Topher journey to DC, in episode 6, to try and find out Rossum’s overall plan, and to rescue Echo. Topher leaves an active, Victor with an imprint of Topher in charge of his lab while he is gone. This leads to some amusing phone conversations and back and forth between the two Tophers during the course of the episode.

Topher also manages to fall for Bennet who is playing him, as he is playing her to get Perrin’s brain map. Bennet turns Perrin on Echo as they are on the run together in an effort to destroy her. In the end Echo and Perrin both survive, but Perrin remembers that he has been modified and Echo, once she has revealed that she is afraid of what will happen to her when Caroline (her alter ego) returns, is left wandering the streets on her own with no help from the Dollhouse.

This episode shows the deeper reach of the Dollhouse as a corporation, and the lengths it will go to in order to protect itself – even now it has a Senator on its side. Perrin testifies that The Dollhouse does not exist to the subcommittee, effectively getting it off the hook, but he killed his wife/handler and is intent on making Rossum pay for what they made him do.

This two part episode effectively gets rid of the threat that was posed by the government since the beginning of season two, and leaves the rest of the season open to resolve the story of Caroline/Echo before the show is cancelled at the end of the season.

GS Reviewer: Brogan Hayes

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