Fringe Episode 12 Season 2 – Johari Windo

Fringe is back landing onto our screens like a twisted moth or beautiful butterfly. Hard Paddington stares for Mr Murdoch due to the delay, but better late than never. Spoilers may dwell in these here parts.

A bit of a monster of week development to kick things off. But it’s not a weak or filler episode. The story sets itself up so you expect certain lazy clichés to come to fore but pulls the rug from under you to deliver a surprising cause of the mystery and a soufflé light dramatic solution (hats off to Agent Broyles.) I couldn’t help thinking if this was an X-files or a Warehouse 13 it would have been more consciously hickphobic.

Performances are up to the normal high standard. We get to see Peter go all action man which is nice and Olivia smile – which is rarer but still nice. Walter has a nice arc in the story which adds further depth to the grown up son and father relationship which I still think is at the core of the shows dramatic appeal. The guest cast also did a very reliable job, particularly the child actor. If you’re of a certain generation child actor creates terrible mental images of John Ross Junior from Dallas obliterating any scene in his path like a bad acting Spectra robot going to town on a dramatic Tokyo.

We’ve come a long way since then. There must be a dramatic G-Force somewhere.

I also for once noticed the score in this episode and it did a very nice job.

If I was to pick I would think the drastic events that kicked off developments were perhaps a little rash and unbelievable but without that we would have been denied a very effective story. I’m unsure how it could have been done well and played subtle. Answers on a postcard or as you don’t have my address via the comments box.

GS Reviewer: Andrew Clark

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